Where can I find my invoice?

You can create your invoice in our Invoicing portal www.facturaelectronicagfa.mx.

If your ticket does not have a token (manual or scissor ticket) you can send a picture of the tickets to the following email cfdiboletoprimlus@flecha-amarilla.com and your complete tax data.

What do I need to prepare my invoice?

  • Email address where the digital invoice will be sent.
  • Service tickets received.
  • Complete tax data to which the invoice will be made:
    • Company name.
    • ITIN or RFC.
    • Complete address.
    • C.P.

Can I make an invoice for several tickets?

Yes, our billing portal www.facturaelectronicagfa.mx allows you to enter a maximum of 19 tickets (tokens) per invoice.

What is a token?

It is an identifying code that is on your ticket that you need for your invoice.

What is the deadline to ask for my invoice?

You must prepare your invoice within the month of purchase.

How can I retrieve my invoice if it did not recieved it in my mailbox?

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the link (www.facturaelectronicagfa.mx) to the field: Retrieve CFDI.

Step 2: Select a company. Bus ticket.

Step 3: Fill in the requested fields:

  • ITIN or RFC
  • Token (any of the tokens you wish to recover)

Step 4: Click the Find Invoice button.

Step 5: Click the download invoice button.

Note: You must have your tickets and your RFC (taxpayer identification number) available.

How and where can I verify the token number, when it is not visible or incomplete on the ticket?

Send an email to cfdiboletoprimeraplus@flecha-amarilla.com, you must send the following information:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Date
  • Schedule
  • Passenger name
  • Seat
  • Service number

If my Invoice has an error, can I correct it?

Yes, only if the error is in the RFC (error in writing Example: (put the letter «l» instead of capital «i» or zero instead of the letter O); you must send your complete tax data, as well as the folio and invoice number to the email cfdiboletoprimlus@flecha-amarilla.com.


  • There are no corrections of corporate name to a different corporate name in invoices prepared.