AENOR Certification COVID-19 Prevention Protocol

We are ready to provide you with the service you deserve, because nothing gives us more joy than your health and satisfaction.

Seeking for the safety of everyone, and committed to providing the best travel experience, #PrimeraPlus has been certified by AENOR for our COVID-19 prevention protocol.

Discover the actions we do EVERY DAY AND BEFORE EACH SERVICE so you feel safe on during your trip.

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Travel with peace of mind.

Get to know the benefits of our air conditioning system

Our units have the Hispacold technology in the air conditioning system, which helps to take care of the air quality and above all to prevent contagions.

How does it work?

The outside air enters the bus through the top of the bus, it is filtered to enter the passenger cabin generating a vertical flow, from top to bottom, pushing the inside air towards the bottom of the seats and then expelled out of the bus. This completely renews the air in the bus every 3 minutes.

In addition, each passenger has an individual nozzle, from which the air comes out at such a speed (up to 3m/s) that it facilitates the dragging of bio-aerosols, making cross-contagion between passengers difficult.

What happens if I close the air conditioning nozzle? Don’t worry, they are designed so that even when closed, a «bubble or hood» forms around the passenger at low velocities, thus isolating the environment by creating a barrier of bio-aerosols generated around the passenger.

The vertical ventilation design, instead of throwing possible contaminants in front of us, as it could happen in a vehicle or van, generates a barrier to bio-aerosols avoiding cross-contagion.

Preventive actions before the COVID-19

We operate with the measures and actions recommended by the Secretary of Health and the World Health Organization, because #NuestroMotorEresTu. 

Cleaning and disinfection of our buses before each trip

At Primera Plus, we make it part of our routine to clean and disinfect buses before each trip. We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, using sanitizing products that eliminate fungi, bacteria and viruses, thus providing a healthy environment. Our protocols comply with the measures and actions recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.
 And remember, ¡the important thing is prevention!!
At Primera Plus, you are our driving force

We’ll come back stronger!

After the pandemic is over, one thing is certain: We will come back stronger, more conscious and more human; with an open heart and willing to have more experiences, to live more.

Because we want you to get home safely,

It is important to follow these preventive health tips.

The time you spend at home, make the most of it by spending time with your family.

#NuestroMotorEresTu #MéxicoUnido