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In case you require any of the services, prior to taking any action, you must call: 800 249 0157

Learn about the coverage and benefits you have by adding Additional Coverage on your trip, which Primera Plus offers through Travel Blu Assistance.

Coverage Limits
Trip cancellation Up to $800.00 M.N.
Trip interruption Up to $300.00 M.N.
Damage or total loss of checked baggage $1,500.00 M.N.
Funeral assistance for natural or accidental death. $10,000.00 M.N.
Ambulance dispatch Up to $2,000.00 M.N.

* Only applies to one event per ticket.
* In case of round trip purchase it applies only in one leg (one way ticket or return ticket).
* Trip cancellation applies only in cases of illness, death or serious accident and you have up to 5 days from the start of the trip to call 800 24 90 157.
* Cancellable, this process requires the cancellation of Travel Tickets and Additional Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy my Assistance?

At Primera Plus box office and at

How long does Additional Coverage last?

It covers you from the beginning of the trip until the moment of its culmination. Funeral assistance and ambulance dispatch apply 24 hrs. before the trip up to 24 hrs. after the end of the trip.

*Applies 1 event per round trip.

How do I validate Additional Coverage?

You must call 800 24 90 157 to validate Additional Coverage, remember to have your ticket ready.

Does Additional Coverage apply on a round trip for the outbound and return trip?

No, the assistance supports only one trip (leg), that is, you can only make it valid on the route you have an incident according to what applies to the coverage purchased.

If a round trip service from Leon to Mexico North is purchased and on the trip from Leon to Mexico North there was no mishap (therefore, the coverage was not used), the coverage remains in effect, which will take effect on the return trip from Mexico North to Leon, effective 5 days from the date of the return trip.

 I am traveling with my family, can I only buy one Coverage?

No, you must purchase one for each seat purchased, as it is per person.
* In case of round trip purchase it applies only in one leg.
* Additional coverage is personal.

Can I cancel Additional Coverage?

Yes, it is necessary to cancel your tickets in full before the expiration of your travel schedule (if round trip, before the time of the first service).

Is it mandatory to purchase Additional Coverage?

It is optional.

Can I buy my tickets in a single name or in the name of a «family», for example: «Perez Family»?

No, each ticket must be personalized in the passenger’s name in order for Additional Coverage to be effective.

Can I bill Additional Coverage?

Yes, it can be done at, with the token that appears on the Additional Coverage ticket.

Where can I see Terms and Conditions? 

Download and read SEKURA’s terms and conditions of service here.

How long will it take for my claim to be paid?

Maximum 15 calendar days once all documentation has been submitted to Blu Assistance and once Seguros Atlas, S.A. determines if it is applicable according to the terms and conditions of the product.

The «Additional Coverage» program is administered by Sekura Operadora, S.A. de C.V., operated by Blu Asistencia, S.A. de C.V. and the insurance coverage supported by Atlas, S.A.